Jon Takes his iPod for a Spin Cycle

I would like to report that Jon Gales has successfully washed his iPod nano.

The [iPod] nano is light enough that it turns out you can’t really tell when it’s in a shirt pocket and when it’s not. On this Saturday morning it was, and unfortunately the shirt was in the washer. I got ahold of it after about a minute in the dryer, so the little white contraption had already experienced a warm wash, cool rinse and exciting spin cycle.

Jon is proud (and relieved) to report that his iPod nano is still alive and functioning perfectly. If Jon is will to do this again, I would like to know if the iPod nano is dishwasher-safe. And, if he doesn’t mind risking the rest of his sanity, I would also like to know if it’s microwave-safe.

2 responses

  1. Ha!

    The Nano takes a dipping and keeps on syncing.

  2. Yes, but will it take a melting and keep on belting?