Blogroll Dive: 9/12/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

Bonnie discovers some facts which thankfully contradict some recent rumors about events that hopefully did not occur in the Memorial Convention Center.
Michael Heilemann discusses his frustration with bloggers who use Feedburner to combine their feeds.
Khaled reviews The Authority: Revolution.
Michael Hampton is not pleased with David Coursey’s proposal to impose a national firewall.
Jon reviews the iPod nano.
Sarah publishes two of her research papers discussing disasters in art and distinguishing alchemy from science.
Chris publishes a quick tip on how to navigate hidden folders via MacOS X’s Finder.
Angsuman discovers spyware/malware in Yahoo Instant Messenger.
Mark discovers that Gmail’s “From:” field can now be customized.
And, Tom discusses the benefits of podcasting for businesses.


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  1. Yowza!

    Thank you very much for the honor of including me in the Blogroll Dive, James.

  2. Welcome to my Blogroll! ^_^