Ryu (Street Fighter) vs. Jesse (Breaking Bad)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any videos here, so here’s a very well done short featuring Ryu (from Street Fighter) and JesseĀ (from Breaking Bad) in a Street Fighter setting.

A Very Creative Star Wars Mashup

Here’s a very creative mashup from James Farr ofĀ Star Wars, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and many other tiny Nintendo references.

The Avengers (1978)

What if The Avengers came out in 1978? Well, now you know, thanks to this awesome fan trailer. There are definitely some great bits here, including my favorite Hulk, and some hilarious surprises. It’s a rather humorous romp down Nostalgia Lane.

The Thing: The Musical

This latest masterpiece from Jon and Al KaplanĀ combines two of my favorite things, Swing and The Thing.Ā From the same geniuses who brought you Conan: The Musical and Predator: The Musical, here’s The Thing: The Musical.

Rocky IV: The Musical

Here’s yet another masterpiece from the guy who brought us Terminator 2: The Opera, Conan: The Musical, and Predator: The Musical. Enjoy “Drago, Yo, You Killed Apollo!” from Rocky IV.

Bad Company 2 Jeep Madness

I managed to get a whole Friday off last week and was lucky enough to spend most of the day on Bad Company 2 with the rest of the crew from Bravo 2 Company. The whole day was just pure fun, and there were many moments like the following, but sadly I haven’t quite figured […]