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  • Earth Day, 2023

    Earth Day, 2023

    Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today’s great a day to reflect on the Earth, the only planet we have, and it’s also a great day to save the environment for free, go carbon negative, and donate to Trees for the Future. I know this is a shorter post than usual here, but you could say the […]

  • Happy New Year! the 2023 edition

    Happy New Year! the 2023 edition

    2023 begins today, and looking back, the top post here had some staying power since it was 2019’s Rewatch: Stargate SG-1. Here are some of my favorites from last year. I hope you enjoy them too: And, since I spent more time on Tumblr, don’t miss my 2022 recap over there! This year, please consider […]

  • World Mental Health Day

    World Mental Health Day

    It’s World Mental Health Day, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share a list of tools that have helped me: Wysa: A free app that helps you self-manage stress with an AI chatbot that’s great at its job and seamlessly integrates with various tools and actual human therapists. Wysa is the app I […]

  • Back on (again)

    Back on (again)

    It’s been a while, so before I dive in, let me clear this up quickly; There are two WordPresses: and Briefly, is site-building software offered for free and built and supported entirely by volunteers. is a site-building service that uses and contributes back to the software, adds lots of cool […]

  • Tumblr vs. WordPress

    Tumblr vs. WordPress

    Before I begin, I don’t mean this to be a hit piece. I love both platforms dearly, and as I’ve been noticing myself spending much more time on one than the other, I thought I’d explain why. Let’s start with my old friend, WordPress. WordPress is an open-source publishing platform. It’s software, provided for free […]