MacManX.com is a product of James Huff (he/him).

James is a native of Southern California, where he lives a happy life with his wife, Sarah. He helps millions of users at Automattic and volunteers some of his spare time to moderate the WordPress Support Forums. Outside of the web, James is a musician at heart and plays trumpet with Polyhedra. He has studied conducting under Dr. Iris Levine and Dr. Tony Mazzaferro, and trumpet under David Grasmick and David Evans.

James began his online career as a support forum volunteer many years ago. He was eventually discovered by Rick Yaeger, the senior editor of MacMerc, and offered a position as a contributing editor for MacMerc. After a few successful years as a contributing editor and forum moderator for MacMerc, James set out to create MacManX.com.

Since the launch of MacManX.com, James accepted a position as a staff writer for Splash Panel, where he reviewed some of the best works of literary fiction, and launched Program Notes, a free and volunteer-powered database for program notes.

As well as being an Automattician and a musician, James is a user of Apple products, a freeware enthusiast, an open source advocate, and a WordPress evangelist. He conceived MacManX.com out of a desire to share those as well as other personal interests with the world.

James hopes that you enjoy your stay here at MacManX.com, and/or that you follow him elsewhere. If you would like to know more, or have any comments, please feel free to contact him. And, if you like what you see, please buy him some coffee.