A Comprehensive List of Update Services

When it comes to pinging RCP and RCP2 update services, I always prefer to ping Ping-o-Matic, because it simply is the best one out there. With one ping, Ping-o-Matic will notify sixteen of the most popular update services. Unfortunately, Ping-o-Matic has become rather unstable over the past month and has been experience several extended periods of downtime. If you ever find Ping-o-Matic to be offline before making a new post on your blog, don’t fret. Elliot Back has posted a comprehensive list of 56 RPC and RPC2 update services.

2 responses

  1. Thanks for this info and the link. I wasn’t sure how that all worked.

  2. Not a problem! If you’re already sending pings to Ping-o-Matic, and if Ping-o-Matic is online, don’t worry about all that other stuff. But, if you aren’t pinging Ping-o-Matic, or if Ping-o-Matic is down, copy all of those URLs and stick them in the “Update Services” field located in your WordPress admin interface at Options/Writing.