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  • Back on WordPress.com (again)

    Back on WordPress.com (again)

    It’s been a while, so before I dive in, let me clear this up quickly; There are two WordPresses: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Briefly, WordPress.org is site-building software offered for free and built and supported entirely by volunteers. WordPress.com is a site-building service that uses and contributes back to the WordPress.org software, adds lots of cool […]

  • Tumblr vs. WordPress

    Tumblr vs. WordPress

    Before I begin, I don’t mean this to be a hit piece. I love both platforms dearly, and as I’ve been noticing myself spending much more time on one than the other, I thought I’d explain why. Let’s start with my old friend, WordPress. WordPress is an open-source publishing platform. It’s software, provided for free […]

  • WordPress 5.9 Released

    WordPress 5.9 has been released! Among a few smaller changes, WordPress 5.9 introduces full site editing, which is bound to turn some heads. For specifics, check out the changelog. 624 volunteers contributed to this release, and at the time of writing this, WordPress 5.9 has been out for just a bit over a day, and […]

  • Happy New Year! the 2022 edition

    Happy New Year! the 2022 edition

    2022 begins today, and looking back, the top post here was How I Make GIFs. That process has changed significantly, so I guess I’ll need to write an update. Maybe that will be the top post this year? A quick list of favorites this year, I hope you enjoy them too: Movie: The Matrix Resurrections […]

  • WordPress 5.8 Released

    WordPress 5.8 has been released! Along with more editor improvements, this release introduces an entirely new widget interface with the ability to use blocks as widgets, new photo filters, the new Blog Pattern Directory, and drops support for Internet Explorer 11 (which Microsoft essentially replaced with their Edge browser roughly 5 years ago). For specifics, […]