Blogroll Dive: 6/27/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

Bryan is looking for feedback on his place in the rising tech support industry.
Owen has a few interesting thoughts on his involvement in the future of the WordPress Community.
Michael Heilemann is looking for K2 (Kubrick v2) feature suggestions.
John sold Blogging Pro.
Khaled is preparing Broken Kode v4.
Phil launches his Library, and has a few interesting thoughts on parents’ involvement in their children’s training.
Michael Hampton launches the Homeland Stupidity Threat Advisory System.
Jon launches the Amazon Mobile CD Lookup.
Chris releases CJD Notepad.
Angsuman uses WP-Cache to protect his blog from “the Slashdot Effect.”
Mark wants you to sign a petition if you agree with his point of view on the upcoming 9/11 memorial.
Tom ruminates on RSS and its possible uses.
And, Podz discovers that the Googlebot is disobeying his robots.txt file.