WordPress v1.5.1 bugs?

Out of my Blogroll; Bryan, Tom, Podz, Craig, and Matt (obviously) have all upgraded to WordPress v1.5.1, but none of them are reporting any problems. I, on the other hand ran into a nasty bug where I could not send or receive pingbacks or trackbacks. I think I found a very odd fix, and I think it works. There is also a rather widespread bug with feeds after upgrading. Hopefully there will be some quick fixes, or a WordPress v1.5.2 on the way sooner than later.

Update: WordPress v1.5.1.1 has been released. This is a recommended update for all users.

Update: My pingback and trackback issues have been solved by revision 2612 of functions.php, revision 2612 of functions-post.php, and revision 2606 of xmlrpc.php.

Update: The feeds bug has been resolved by revision 2600 of wp-blog-header.php.

Update: The ping-o-matic issue was resolved on ping-o-matic’s end. You may return to using your normal (un-edited) functions.php file.

Update: More info on the pingback and trackback problems.

Goodness, this is very confusing. This issue may be too widespread to test. Here’s what I know:

1. I am able to send and receive pingbacks between my own blogs.

2. I cannot send or receive trackbacks and pingbacks to or from Podz’ test blog.

3. In this post, I sent pingbacks to all of the v1.5.1 users that I know: Bryan, Tom, Podz, Craig, and Matt. Only Craig received my pingback.

4. Moshu sent a pingback to one of my recent posts. But, I never received it.

5. I received a test trackback and pingback from Matt.

6. My v1.5.0 test blog is working perfectly, as did all of my blogs before upgrading to v1.5.1.

7. I successfully sent a pingback to both Matt and Craig (sorry guys).

8. I received two trackbacks while I was away.

9. I sent a trackback to Podz’ test site, requested a trackback from Podz’ test site, sent a pingback to Podz’ test site, and requested a pingback from Podz’ test site. All instances failed.

10. I sent a trackback to Owen’s test site (Pingomation), requested a trackback from Owen’s test site, and requested a pingback from Owen’s test site. I successfully received the requested trackback, the requested pingback was denied access by my server configuration (I believe this is an issue with the ping being sent by an open proxy since most other test pingbacks are arriving safely), but my sent trackback never arrived as planned.

11. This post was published on May 10th. Bryan did not receive the pingback that was sent by this post until May 14th.

I’ve moved hosts for the last time and have applied last night’s changes (from May 13th). I think my trackbacks and pingbacks are working as correctly as possible. Time will tell.


  1. Hey, dude.

    I tried sending a *back to the WP Developers’ blog, and although my admin panel said the ping was successfully sent, the *back did not show up on the dev blog at all. This has been going on since 1.2.2 days. Sigh.

  2. I’m not gonna fix pingbacks or trackbacks. I’ll sit on my hands and wait for someone else to fix things. Too lazy, and I gotta get going for the day. 😛

  3. Hey, Craig. Honestly, I’ve never been able to ping the Dev blog. I’m just happy if I can ping other sites ^_^ .

    Bryan, I know what you mean. I guess I just have a bit of OCD in the fact that I’m not happy unless something is as functional as possible.

  4. James,

    I checked ping-o-matic after creating a post and didn’t see my site come up in the most recent 100 sites. This isn’t something I ever checked before so I can’t say it is 1.5.1 specific.



  5. Tom, I agree, I think it’s a ping-o-matic issue. My pings are reaching ping-o-matic, but they aren’t being routed to any of the external update services.

  6. Scratch that, I had no problems with a fresh WP v1.5.0 installation. This appears to be a problem with WP v1.5.1.

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  9. macmanx…i just trackbacked to your post, and i notice that the link to mine (and zone41 above me) link back to a non-permalink address. i do use permalinks, as do you, so i’m not sure why these ones were picked up that way. maybe related to your trackback issues? don’t know just guessing…

  10. That appears to be the new default behavior of trackbacks. I’m only saying that because they are working, and the links do go to the right place. Honestly, after these last 24 hours, I’m over-joyed just to see that.

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  12. Incidentally, I sent both a pingback and a trackback over to this post today from Asymptomatic, and neither appear here. These would both have come from the same IP, but different from RedAlt. So I guess your blog just doesn’t like me.

    Have you tried disabling (if you have it running) Bad Behavior or any other spam plugins? That still doesn’t explain the outgoing trackback problem. Hmm.

  13. Owen, I just tested via Pingomation with Bad Behavior off and the ping was still denied access by the “server configuration” (this is coming from my server error log). If you would please contact me via email, I’d love to try one more test.

  14. I just send a trackback(which is utf-8 zh-tw encoded), after patch changeset 2606 and 2609. Do you receive it?

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