WordPress v1.5.1 Fixes

Those of you who stop by often, know that I ran into some problems after upgrading to WordPress v1.5.1. Fortunately, I believe all of those problems have been fixed now. If you would like to have a [hopefully] bug-free installation of WordPress v1.5.1, you will need to download WordPress v1.5.1 and use revision 2612 of functions.php, revision 2612 of functions-post.php, revision 2606 of xmlrpc.php, and revision 2600 of wp-blog-header.php. These changes are working wonderfully for me. I hope they work for you just as well. Good luck!

Update: WordPress v1.5.1.1 has been released. This is a recommended update for all users.

Update: WordPress v1.5.1.1 is currently being developed. As of now, there is no estimated release date.

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  1. WordPress 1.5.1 Fixes

    I applied the fixes James outlined.

    This is also test ping to James’ post, since I haven’t tried to ping anyone else
    We think Podz’s Test Track site is broken
    I pinged Ping-o-Matic just fine earlier today

    Here goes!

  2. It is unfortunate that there is no one single place to download the ‘bug-free’ version of 1.5.1

    Sure I downloaded the .php’s and uploaded them to my site but how many first timers will be aware of the bugs and will blissfully download the 1.5.1 on the download page complete with its bugs?


  3. Fortunately, there is a v1.5.1.1 on the way.

  4. Ah!

    Cool! That’s what I was hoping for!


  5. Thanks for the links. I’m keeping my eye on wordform.org to see what direction it goes….

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