Theme Competition Winners Announced

The winners of Alex King’s WordPress v1.5 Theme Competition have been announced. Only four of my favorites won. Rin took home the “Plain Ol’ Poobah” (2nd Place) prize, Wuhan and Green Marinée both received an Honorable Mention, and rdc Theme took home one of the Pixel Perfect Design prizes.

The Poobahs:

1. Grand Poobah – Connections
2. Plain Ol’ Poobah – Rin
3. Mini Poobah – Red Train

Honorable Mention – Wuhan
Honorable Mention – Orange Sky
Honorable Mention РGreen Marin̩e

Most Creative Design:


Random Draw Prize Winners:


Pixel Perfect Design Prize Winner:

rdc Theme

Most Versatile Design:

Zen Minimalist
Sharepoint Like

Global Appeal Prize Winner:

Almost Spring

Most like a Paper Diary Prize Winner:


Out of the Box Prize Winner:


Check-in Prize Winner:

Fresh Bananas

One response

  1. Was it just me, or were four or five of the winners almost identical, just a different header image and background colour?

    I never expected my theme would win anything, I just entered for a giggle.