Camino Update v0.8.3

Camino has been updated to v0.8.3. This update “contains several important security fixes as well as various other fixes.” The release notes are available here. Read the Favored Freeware entry for Camino here.

2 responses

  1. I’ve been meaning to try out Camino for a while now. I have a question: Does camino have any extensions the we can download?
    For example, I use an extension on FF that lets me close the tab by double-clicking it. Also, another extension let’s me drag a link and it opens in a new window.
    I just tried your page in Camino and the buttons above the comment box doesn’t render well.

  2. Unfortunately, there are no extensions for Camino. As for the comments page, I know. Unfortunately the buttons are lousy in both Safari and Camino. I have heard, however, that this should be fixed with OS X v10.4. What I don’t know is whether or not that’s due to a Safari update (which would, of course, only fix Safari’s problem) or a general OS update (which would fix both Safari’s and Camino’s problem). For now, the buttons work just fine in Firefox and the button titles still show when you hover over them in Safari and Camino. From left to right we have “bold”, “italic”, “link”, and “close all tags”.