Small Twitter Victory

twvictoryWhile my tiny corner of the world is being loomed over by the type of room-shaking thunderstorms it rarely experiences, I did find a tiny ray of sunlight. MacManX on Twitter is finally mine, after spending the last five years trying to wrestle it from the clutches of a long-abandoned tech news account. I don’t know why it’s so important to me, but it always bothered my that it was just sitting there unused and unloved, while I had to use MacManXcom instead. Well, now it’s mine. Time to find some sort of tiny victory horn to blast, but probably no one will hear it over this thunder.

Changing usernames on Twitter is shockingly easy, it’s actually just another settings field. You type in a new username, it instantly displays if it’s available, and you save your settings. Your Tweets are transferred over, your Followers are transferred over, everything is transferred over. I was very impressed. The only negative point is that there is no way to redirect the old username. You have officially given it up for someone else to have, which I suppose is perfectly fair. One minute to change the username, one hour to find and change any links and integrations that are within my power to change, and another hour to take a black marker to my business cards (way too many business cards). A nearly five-year struggle was over in two hours.

4 responses

  1. Woo! Congrats. Such victories are always long in coming. I’ll make sure to follow you . . . eventually. You know how I suck with that. 😉

    1. Thanks! I just have to keep sending you reminders, that’s all. 😀

  2. Since you have helped me over the WP Forums over the years, I will help you back…

    Technically speaking you can keep BOTH usernames

    oldusername with Twitter at as e-mail
    when you change newusername, you keep Twitter at

    add old.twitter at on your cpanel and register a new twitter account oldusername using old.twitter at

    voila. you have old and new accounts. Just put in bio of @oldusername that you have a new account and it’s @newusername

    1. Sure, I figured I could even do that with email aliases, but I’d also be on the wrong side of their username squatting policy: