Favored Freeware: SuperTux

SuperTux is a side-scrolling “jump and run” game based on the classic Super Mario games.

SuperTux is a classic 2D jump’n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original SuperMario games. The Milestone1 release of SuperTux features 9 enemies, 26 playable levels, software and OpenGL rendering modes, configurable joystick and keyboard input, new music and completly redone graphics. Together with a little story, we hope to provide a good gaming experince with this first Milestone release.

Pros: SuperTux provides hours of fun and is expandable via community-contributed levels. SuperTux is a cross-platform game for Mac, Windows, Linux, and BeOS.

Cons: None significant.

2 responses

  1. adsafsds Avatar

    It’s a really fun game.

  2. It truly is a great game, and certainly a testament to the quality that can be produced by a community of volunteer developers. I’m definitely looking forward to the next major release.