Favored Freeware: Games [Updated]

When I need a quick break, I tend to dive right into one of the free games that I have collected over the years. With school right around the corner for most public school students, I realized that I have chosen the worst possible time to share this list. But, “better late than never,” right?

  • Arcade Rival: a good collection of web-based games. (Any Browser with Macromedia Flash Player)
  • Argonaut: a modernized clone of Asteroids with 3D OpenGL graphics. (Mac)
  • Armagetron: a modernized clone of Tron with 3D OpenGL graphics. (Mac, Windows, and Linux)
  • D2X: an enhanced version of Descent 2 with 3D OpenGL graphics. (Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, DOS, and PocketPC)
  • Doom Legacy: an enhanced version of Doom with 3D OpenGL graphics. (Mac, Windows, Linux, DOS, and OpenBSD)
  • LBreakout2: a clone of Breakout. (Mac, Windows, Linux, and BeOS)
  • Quinn: a clone of Tetris. (Mac)
  • Shoot Things: an arcade-style side-scrolling space combat game, which parodies a few well-known retro games. (Mac)
  • SuperTux: a side-scrolling “jump and run” game based on the classic Super Mario games. (Mac, Windows, Linux, and BeOS)