Favored Freeware: Cross-Platform Roundup 2

I’m out of new Favored Freeware entries for now, so I have decided to list off all of the cross-platform Favored Freeware applications in this week’s entry. Developing a cross-platform application means a lot. It means that you, the developer(s), are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to please a much broader audience by providing your application(s) for more than one platform. As of now, my cross-platform Favored Freeware applications are: Armagetron, Audacity, Celestia, D2X, Doom Legacy, Firefox, Inkscape, iTunes, Kubuntu, LBreakout2, Mactracker, NVU, OpenOffice.org, QuickTime, RSSOwl, Stellarium, SuperTux, Thunderbird, Tux Paint, VLC Media Player, and Web Developer Extension.