A Web-Based Office

If you’re constantly on the move, you may want to keep your address and date books with you. Since the recent age of computers, the age of paper-based address and date books has been coming to a close. But, how do you keep your address and date books with you if you don’t have your computer with you? Well, you could obviously switch back to paper-based address and date books, you could purchased a PDA, PocketPC, or another similar handheld computer, or you could make use of that web hosting account that you just purchased, or will soon purchase, and setup your own web-based office. This week’s Freeloader Friday presents a perfect web-based office setup with an address book, calendar, and task manager. So, setup your own web-based office, access it from any internet-connected computer, and never leave you phone numbers, important dates, and todo items at home again. And, if you need a web hosting account, look no further than A Small Orange.

4 responses

  1. But hang on….. If I don’t have my laptop with me…..

  2. The beauty of having your own web-based office is that you can “access it from any internet-connected computer.” But, if you find yourself in an area that lacks internet-connected computers, that’s when PDAs and paper-based address and date books become important.

  3. Wow. But isn’t this like keeping your Daytimer out on the sidewalk with a bike lock on it? Most people won’t bother with it, but if somebody really wants to get into it, they can, right?

    Not that my grocery list is high security or anything.

  4. You are most certainly correct. As a security precaution, I would highly recommend using .htaccess to password protect the directory that you are using.