Month: March 2005

  • Camino Update v0.8.3

    Camino has been updated to v0.8.3. This update “contains several important security fixes as well as various other fixes.” The release notes are available here. Read the Favored Freeware entry for Camino here.

  • Theme Competition Winners Announced

    The winners of Alex King’s WordPress v1.5 Theme Competition have been announced. Only four of my favorites won. Rin took home the “Plain Ol’ Poobah” (2nd Place) prize, Wuhan and Green Marinée both received an Honorable Mention, and rdc Theme took home one of the Pixel Perfect Design prizes.

  • Darwinia for MacOS X Released

    Ambrosia Software has released Darwinia for MacOS X. “Combining fast-paced action with strategic battle planning, Darwinia is a real-time strategy game like no other. Darwinia combines state of the art fractal generated landscapes with iconic arcade sprites, an intuitive control mechanism, and a story concerning a tribe of video game sprites trapped in a modern…

  • The Super Tangent?

    Previously, in what has been debated as either a very clever or completely idiot attempt to ignite sales, Luxpro released the Super shuffle, a blatant copy of Apple’s iPod shuffle. Now, it appears that Luxpro has done it again. Apparently, Luxpro has made a few changes to the design in order to distinguish it from…

  • Taft: A Unique WordPress Theme

    There are many themes for WordPress, but none are as unique as Taft. Taft has the appearance of an old-fashioned hand-written journal. Honestly, it’s amazing, but hard to describe. You’ll have to see it for yourself. In the mean time, I may use Taft to start a Myst blog.