No Makeup While Driving

The state of California has finally banned the usage of handheld cell phones while driving, which brings me to this important question: When will the state ban people from applying makeup while driving?  Seriously, how can a person applying mascara while driving possibly be considered safer than a person talking on a cell phone while driving?

2 responses

  1. Amen to that, James!

    How about eating while driving, reading while driving, and playing guitar while driving too? I swear, I saw that one morning on the 405! Some dude in a Mercedes two seater with an acoustic guitar between him and the steering wheel – and he as actually strumming the instrument at 55+ mph!

    Only in SoCal…

  2. Playing guitar while driving? Now that has to stop! Honestly, it should be common sense. There should be no major distraction while driving. No make up, no handheld cell phones, no food (unless it can be held in one hand, like a cheeseburger), and no reading (unless it’s a map or driving directions). Minor distractions, like conversations and music, should be fine.

    Despite the casual nature of driving, more care needs to be taken regarding distractions in the car. One needs to consider the lives of themselves, their passengers, and the other people on the road. Driving is a wonderful convenience, but we can’t forget that it also involves the operation of a potentially deadly weapon.