First WakeMate Test Drive a Success

I took my WakeMate for its first “test drive” last night, and so far it’s just as awesome as they said it would be. The alarm went off when I had hit the weakest sleep cycle during my set twenty-minute window, and the result was the most alert awakening I have ever had, no snooze button required.

You can expect a full review as soon as I’ve had a few more nights to thoroughly test it.

3 responses

  1. Hey,

    i just wanted to know what happened to the “full review”? Now it’s nearly 6 months and you should have some experience with the wakemate, don’t you?


    1. I have had mixed results, interrupted by it completely failing a month ago. Do to all of my recent travelings, I delayed sending it in and have not received my replacement.

      I’m currently awaiting it, so that I can actually conduct a reliable review.

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