Blogroll Dive: 7/25/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

Bryan discovers an inexpensive laptop screen protector.
Owen releases an updated WordPress backup plugin.
Michael Heilemann is daydreaming of worlds unseen.
Khaled quickly discusses Robotech’s past, present, and future.
Michael Hampton shares his views on the next version of Windows.
Jim discovers the real Yasu, and this Yasu has a lot in common with Jim’s Yasu.
Jon ruminates on DRM and ringtones.
Orson discusses the war on terrorism and what it has done to the society of today’s world.
Mark notes a serious flaw in the NYPD’s plan to search the baggage of random subway passengers.
Tom presents a few reasons for small companies to blog.
And, Meng finally returns from his long absence.