PUM: Create a Website for Free [Again]

Due to harsh time constraints, Power User Monday must continue in the form of favorite re-runs for a short time. For this purpose, I have created a spinner. This spinner contains my favorite PUM articles, and a plastic arrow. All I have to do is flick the back of this plastic arrow, and it will begin to spin at at a shocking 88-mph (miles per hour). The speed of the arrow’s spin will trigger the Flux Capacitor, and we will be sent back in time to the origin of whichever PUM article the arrow has chosen.

Now, all I have to do is flick the arrow … ::buzz woosh:: … Great Scott! We have been transported back to January 30, 2005, the origin of the Create a Website for Free article! But, something has happened! This article has been updated for the present day! What is going on?!