Two Blogroll Additions

I have added two more blogs to my Blogroll. The first is Phillip Holland’s Holland Trumpet Studio. Phil always posts some very interesting and enlightening bits of information that are very beneficial to trumpet players, teachers and musicians alike. If you like music and play or teach trumpet, then this blog is for you. Phillip Holland is not related to Richard Dreyfuss, and he is not the “Mr. Holland” from Mr. Holland’s Opus. The second added blog is Angsuman Chakraborty’s Simple Thoughts. Angsuman’s thoughts are far from simple. He is an innovative thinker, and his plugins do well to reflect that innovation.

4 responses

  1. That’s very nice of you! Checkout my library that’s up now. Let me know if you want a copy of anything!



  2. That looks great! You have a very impressive CD collection.

    I’ve updated the tutorial in question with a note about DeliciWeb. I must admit that I found DeliciousExporter to be very unresponsive in OS X 10.4 and have switched my library to DeliciWeb as well. If you’d like to fill in cover images for the items that are lacking one, go to either Barnes and or Google Images, snag a cover image, open Delicious Library, select the item in question, hit the edit button (the pencil-like icon under the item info), and drag the new cover image into the empty square at the top-left of the item info.

    (P.S. Spam Karma 2 ate this comment that I left on your site. You may be happier with using Bad Behavior instead.)

  3. Thanks…I’ve got bad behavior upp. I think it’s set up righht. Any obvious things I need to make sure I didn’t screw up?

  4. I looks just fine. If you view your site’s source and see “Bad Behavior run time: seconds”, that means that it’s working. Remember to check the log that Bad Behavior installed in your database twice in the next twenty-four hours just to make sure that it isn’t stopping any obviously legitimate visitors. And, of course, make sure that you have deactivated Spam Karma 2.

    Note: I won’t make any final judgments on Spam Karma 2 until it comes out of beta testing.