Delicious Phase Completed

Today marks the completion of’s Publicity Initiative: Phase 1, aka the “Delicious Phase”.’s Publicity Initiative is an attempt to discover and deploy new methods to increase’s publicity in order to create a larger audience and [hopefully] inspire me to construct more posts on a regular basis.

The “Delicious Phase” began late last night as a desire to provide an easy method for readers like you to add’s posts and pages to your bookmarks. I began the rather lengthy process of implementing the “Delicious Phase” by replacing Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter plugin with Ozh’s Better Feed plugin. Ozh’s plugin allows me to present’s RSS feed with a copyright notice similar to the one formerly provided by Angsuman’s plugin and an “Add to:” link under every post, as well as other useful features. Once Ozh’s plugin was properly configured and activated, I then began the long task of adding the “Add to:” link to Rin’s template files in order to make it appear under every post and almost every page here at The completion of this specific task did not occur until sometime during the dark hours of the morning, mostly because I was very indecisive about the final placement of the link.

Instructions for adding an “Add to:” link to your blog’s theme can be found here.

Now that the “Delicious Phase” has been completed, I plan to add links to other social bookmarking services in the not-so-distant future.

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  1. […] What James has also done is create an opportunity for anyone to save an article on the Sarah Wallin blog to their own bookmarks account. Check out the Add to link at the bottom of every article. […]

  2. […] After being inspired by Sociable, I chose to depart from the text-based links that I had created during the “Delicious Phase” and use image-based links in order to accommodate for the addition of Newsvine and future additions of a similar nature. […]