Blogroll Dive: 4/4/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

Bryan fixes his problem with updating links.
Owen has a few pointers on how to protect yourself from identity theft.
Michael meets WordPress’ lead developer, Matt Mullenweg.
John seeks a partner for a business venture.
Khaled ponders his evolution as a web-capable genius.
Jon adds weight to the categories.
Craig takes a break from WordPress support.
Orson talks about quality of life and passing judgment.
Matt responds to an issue which quickly got out of hand.
Sarah finishes reconstructing her site.
Podz also takes a break from WordPress support.
And, Meng designs a really cool comment counter.


4 responses

  1. Hi James, love the comment icons – I saw the article referencing them the other day on the Wuhan site.

    One thing though – I think they’d look a bit better without the blue border you have on them.

    Just a thought,


  2. […] nges its view on euthanasia Protect yourself from identity theft James pointed me to a very interesting post on Owen’s site on ways […]

  3. Hey, Tom. Thanks for compliment on the bubbles. Sorry about the border. It didn’t show up in Safari, but it did look rather odd in Firefox. ^_-

  4. Ah! Yes, should have mentioned it was in Firefox – I rarely browse in anything else.

    Yep, they look a lot better without the border, no question. I tried them out on my own site yesterday but couldn’t get them to look the way I wanted, so I have left that for another day when I have a few spare minutes.