Month: November 2004

  • Favored Freeware: Kubrick

    The Kubrick template is an easy to install, highly customizable open source template for WordPress. You can see it in action on the Kubrick Demo Site, and ask support questions as well as show off your costumized Kubrick setup on the Support Forums. Pros: Kubrick looks great out-of-the-box and is easily customizable. Cons: None significant.

  • Mactracker v3.0

    Mactracker has received yet another extreme makeover to v3.0! Among several database updates, v3.0 features a new interface, new model icons, a new search feature, and integration with Mactracker for iPod (OS X version only). This is a fascinating batch of updates to an all ready fascinating application. Mactracker is a must-have app for anyone […]

  • November Ends With a Bang

    The day after Thanksgiving is always the best day to buy gifts for the whole family. Special offers and low prices will be present in almost all retail stores. If you can handle the traffic and ugliness of humanity that is displayed every year on this day, then don’t forget to head down to your […]

  • Facts and Fiction

    The factual content of the news has always been a hot topic. Lately, it seems as if issues are either blown out of proportion or simply forgotten. Sometimes the smallest misuse of a word can lead to the largest misunderstanding. How could this be bad for our society? Why can’t we exaggerate? Exaggeration boosts our […]

  • Leaving Quark for InDesign

    Many graphic design sites, MacMerc included, have stressed the importance of moving from the cumbersome and outdated QuarkXpress to the fresh and lively Adobe InDesign. MacMerc recently held a contest, asking readers to submit an open letter to Quark, explaining why they intend to switch. The contest has long since ended, and Jeff Ferzoco perfectly […]