What are those new buttons for? Are they ads?

No, they are not ads. MacManX.com is now accepting support from affiliate programs. These “ads”, as some call them, are the most unobtrusive that I’ve ever seen! There will be no banners, no popups, and no animations. Instead, there will only be small logos. If you click on one of these small logos and make a purchase, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to us. The affiliate companies that will be posted in the “Please Support Us” area of the side bar are companies which I use on a regular basis. I will never post a link to a company with which I have had bad or no experience. Currently, we have your typical donate and hosting referral buttons, and the first affiliate of MacManX.com, Barnes and Noble.com. The affiliates currently pending approval are ThinkGeek and Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.