Gravity Trailer

Film clips often make the best trailers. Case in point, this trailer for Gravity.

When used properly, film clips can set the premise of the film and provide a single coherent scene, giving the viewer a chance to not only know the premise prior to seeing the film, but to know the film’s style and overall “feel” as well. Consequently, this trailer has also dispelled all of my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut.

The Avengers Fan Trailer

This fan-made The Avengers trailer combines footage from Captain America: The First Avenger, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Solver Surfer, Thor, Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk. It’s not only epic, but it definitely brings hope for the upcoming film.

Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary Trailer

Eight years ago, I had a chance to assemble a brief documentary for my paternal Grandfather and late Grandmother’s ¬†fiftieth anniversary. Before the documentary played later in the celebration, I wanted to show a bit of a trailer, and managed to assemble the perfect clips to create this wonderful tongue-in-cheek trailer.

Sorry about the overall quality. This was shot on a state of the art camera and assembled with the latest iMovie, but that was eight years ago.