Gravity Trailer

Film clips often make the best trailers. Case in point, this trailer for Gravity.

When used properly, film clips can set the premise of the film and provide a single coherent scene, giving the viewer a chance to not only know the premise prior to seeing the film, but to know the film’s style and overall “feel” as well. Consequently, this trailer has also dispelled all of my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut.

5 responses

  1. My adrenaline levels were off the charts watching this! =:-0 Don’t think I’ll be able to watch the whole movie.

    1. I’m right with you there, realistic space movies send my adrenaline through the roof. So much can go wrong out there, and you aren’t comforted by the typical “it’s just a movie” thoughts like you are when you see Bruce Willis lead a team of oil drillers in futuristic space shuttles to use non-existent technology to dismantle an improbably comet.

  2. I tend to agree with your notions–as well. But, for some reason it seems more like a “bad dream” sequence. This is a trailer?

    1. This is indeed one of the trailers and not a dream sequence. There’s a more traditional-Hollywood teaser trailer, complete with added sound effects in space which the director is actually quite upset about according to some interviews.