An Apology To My Fellow Mercs

To my loyal MacMerc readers,

I’m sorry about my recent flights with other support forums and my lack of work on MacMerc. In all honesty, I feel lousy about it. I’m too spoiled at ‘Merc. We’re a community of professionals, so usually the support requests are polite and detailed, not rude and generalized. Granted, there are some great users at these other communities, but I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with these things. Anyways, to the point, I’m really sorry about the last few months. The old MacManX is coming back, and MacMerc 2005 will be packed with more news, more features (including the [hopeful] return of Power User Monday), and more reviews.

P.S. I’m sorry it took so long for the light to come on this time, but thanks for always listening.