Humor Nostalgia Video

A Very Creative Star Wars Mashup

Here’s a very creative mashup from James Farr of Star Wars, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and many other tiny Nintendo references.

Colleagues Humor Video

Sarah’s Bastion: The Life of a Composer

Sarah was working hard on her next piece, when a familiar narrator decided to stop by.


Gravity Trailer

Film clips often make the best trailers. Case in point, this trailer for Gravity.

When used properly, film clips can set the premise of the film and provide a single coherent scene, giving the viewer a chance to not only know the premise prior to seeing the film, but to know the film’s style and overall “feel” as well. Consequently, this trailer has also dispelled all of my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut.


RWBY: Not Anime Fairy Tales

I have been speculating that RWBY would be an anime-style treatment of popular fairy tales ever since I saw the first trailer. It looks like I’m a bit wrong, but I’m not disappointed at all.

It had seemed that Red would be Red Riding Hood, White would be Snow WhiteBlack would be Belle, and Yellow would be Goldilocks, but there isn’t much connection between the characters and their assumed fairy tale connections, besides obvious inspiration. However, it’s worth noting that the first episode introduces Glynda Goodwitch, who is obviously named after Glinda the Good Witch, and that White’s name is Weiss Schnee, which is German for Snow White.

RWBY premiered last week with a new episode arriving each week. Lack of fairy tale connections aside, RWBY is shaping up to be an awesome series.

Music Video

Metallica vs. Herbie Hancock

Music mashups are magical things which combined two or more songs into one. It takes a real artist to create a mashup that sounds like it should have actually been a performable piece at some point, especially when combined two entirely different styles, and Master of Doin’ It by Wax Audio is no exception.

Master of Doin’ It combines Master of Puppets from heavy metal legend Metallica with Doin’ It from jazz legend Herbie Hancock into a magically smooth yet edgy masterpiece.