Paperman: New Disney Animated Short

So, apparently Disney still produces gorgeous things like Paperman, an animated short which has been nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards. The short film employs a new technique of layering the 2D hand-drawn animation on top of CGI, and it really brings back memories of the days when Disney produced […]

The Hobbit: Post-Production

I have often referred to post-production as the unsung heroes of filmmaking, and this little behind the scenes bit from The Hobbit just reinforces that. It’s hard to imagine just how many hours go into the film once the cameras are off. Sure, there’s always editing, but don’t forget about the sound design, music, effects, […]

RWBY: Anime Red Riding Hood?

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Red vs. Blue, so I was excited to hear that Monty Oum (the lead animator on Red vs. Blue) is preparing yet another awesome series. Not much is known about RWBY besides the trailer below, but it looks to provide a more modern treatment for Red Riding […]


If you want to see something fresh and original in the land of Sci-Fi, see Tether. Tether is the product of independent film makers Corridor Digital, and its quality already challenges some of the shows on TV these days. Not only are the visuals top-notch, but the structure of the story so far is very […]

One: A Battlefield 3 Machinima

Machinima is basically the art of using a video game to construct a film. Typically, one player is the camera, while the rest are the actors. Over the years, game quality has improved, and therefore the quality of machinima productions have skyrocketed! One, by Robert Stoneman, is the best machinima production I have seen to […]

The Avengers (1978)

What if The Avengers came out in 1978? Well, now you know, thanks to this awesome fan trailer. There are definitely some great bits here, including my favorite Hulk, and some hilarious surprises. It’s a rather humorous romp down Nostalgia Lane.

Earth Day, 2012

It is once again time to celebrate┬áEarth Day! If you haven’t been saving the environment for free, why not start today?┬áToday is also the perfect day to plant trees and donate to a worthy charity, like The Conservation Fund. Want to do more for the environment? This list of fifty ways to help the planet […]

The Cloud is Not Necessarily Green

“Cloud” is one of the biggest buzzwords these days. Many services are launching on a distributed cloud-based platform, like file sharing, applications, blogging, even hosting, and there are many advantages to cloud services. The most obvious being that you can access your files and applications from wherever you have an internet connection, and especially in […]

Wastelander Panda

Who would have thought that a story revolving around the last surviving panda in a post-apocalyptic world would be so epic? Apparently, the appropriately named Epic Films did. Wastelander Panda is a television series in development, and if this prologue is any indication of what the final product will be, I can’t wait to see […]