• Iris (Electronic Arrangement)

    Two days ago, I shared my seven-year-old Iris arrangement. As a bonus track, here’s what happens when you spend the night messing around with GarageBand’s seemingly endless synthesizer settings.

  • Iris (Instrumental Arrangement)

    Sure, I work for Automattic now, but when I was in college, I actually wanted to be a music teacher. While pursuing my degree in music education at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, I took an instrumental arranging course and one of my assignments was to arrange a pop song for an entirely instrumental group. […]

  • Shadow of the Unicorn

    Those of you who followed this blog before I cleared out the three-year-old cobwebs may remember that it was called Shadow of the Unicorn. Well, that name was no random creation. It refers to one of my favorite songs from my father’s band, Polyhedra. So, what better way to re-boot the blog formerly known as […]

  • Another GarageBand Creation: Skipping Class

    After another hour of playing around with GarageBand, I have discovered its biggest limitation. I guess you can never have enough loops. There’s always a cadence or a transition that you just wish you could have. I suppose that’s the point at which you hook up your own instrument and record a quick part, but […]

  • My First GarageBand Creation: Folk Fire

    I stayed up late last night just because I wanted to try out GarageBand. Little did I know that I’d be sucked into its endless void of just pure fun. Working with GarageBand is being like a kid again. All you have to do is combine several loops of sound and attempt to create a […]