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  • WP Themes: A Close Race

    Alex Kings’s WordPress v1.5 Theme Competition is now closed, and we are all patiently awaiting the results. In my opinion, this is one competition which will be very difficult to call. There are 139 themes to choose from and at least half of them are worthy of first prize. Obviously, I chose Rin, but it […]

  • MacManX.com v5

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you MacManX.com v5! MacManX.com v5 is based off of Khaled Abou Alfa’s masterpiece, Rin. Comments? Complaints? Mental concerns? Please let me know.

  • Active Plugins

    I have received quite a few inquiries about my active plugins. First, let me say that I have seen some blogs with as much as fifty active plugins. Compared to that, I prefer to keep a very minimal list.

  • Spam Karma in Effect

    Normally, I only activate Spam Karma during the evening, when comment spam is at its peak. However, I will be gone for most of the day, so Spam Karma will be enabled for the duration of Saturday, March 5th. I’m pretty sure that Spam Karma won’t delete any legitimate comments, but I apologize in advance […]

  • A WordPress Plugin Tutorial

    If you’re interested in writing your own WordPress plugins, look no further than Owen’s tutorial, How to Write a Simple WordPress Plugin. As an additional reference, you may want to read Carthik’s Plunge Into Plugins. If you’re looking for free text editor for your platform, take a look through this list. If you’re looking for […]