WordPress Anti-Spam Solutions

Is your WordPress blog being hammered by comment, trackback, and/or referrer spam? Then look no further than the WordPress Codex document on Combatting Comment Spam. This comprehensive document will guide you through using WordPress’ default anti-spam tools, provide you with anti-spam plugins and captcha, and teach you how to block spammers with .htaccess. This is a recommended read for all WordPress users.

Currently, MacManX.com uses Bad Behavior and Akismet.

Wuhan and Validation

Wuhan (download), by Meng Gao, is a great theme. And now, thanks to Meng and yours truly, Wuhan validates. That’s right, Wuhan now validates as XHTML 1.0 (transitional) and CSS. As a bonus, Wuhan now complies with the U.S. Sec. 508 Accessibility Standards. Please note that I am not Wuhan’s developer. I only helped to validate it. If you have any support requests, please contact Meng Gao.

WP Themes: A Close Race

Alex Kings’s WordPress v1.5 Theme Competition is now closed, and we are all patiently awaiting the results. In my opinion, this is one competition which will be very difficult to call. There are 139 themes to choose from and at least half of them are worthy of first prize. Obviously, I chose Rin, but it was a hard decision due to other entrants such as Gespaa (and Gespaa v2), Green Marinée, Minema Plus, Plain Vanilla, Ocadia, RDC, and Wuhan. As a side note, Blix, Kubrick (WP v1.5 Default), Manji, and TicTac-Wuhan are all great themes, but they were not entered into this competition.

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