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  • Back on WordPress.com (again)

    Back on WordPress.com (again)

    It’s been a while, so before I dive in, let me clear this up quickly; There are two WordPresses: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Briefly, WordPress.org is site-building software offered for free and built and supported entirely by volunteers. WordPress.com is a site-building service that uses and contributes back to the WordPress.org software, adds lots of cool […]

  • Back on WordPress.org (again)

    It wasn’t too long ago that I moved to WordPress.org after an almost three-year absence, and then quickly moved back to WordPress.com. I had a lot going on and just wasn’t ready to take the plunge. Now, I am ready to take the plunge, and here I am, again. I could re-hash all of the […]

  • Back on WordPress.com

    After ten days of blogging on WordPress.org, here I am, back on WordPress.com. It’s a decision made with both hope and regret, but one that I need to make in order to continue the work I started. Over the past three years on WordPress.com, my ability to write code (PHP and JavaScript in particular) had […]

  • Back on WordPress.org

    So, before I get too far into this post (or perhaps before I even start it), I should point out that there are essentially two recognizable types of WordPress. There’s the main one, WordPress.org, which is blogging software that you install on a hosting provider. You own it and manage it, so there are fewer […]

  • Tweet From Your Blog

    Are you tired of your Twitter client, or do you just want to turn your blog into your own social media hub? Well, now you can Tweet from your blog! Yes, I did mention this briefly in my earlier Timepiece post, but I figured it was so cool that I had to mention it again. […]