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  • Back on WordPress.com

    After ten days of blogging on WordPress.org, here I am, back on WordPress.com. It’s a decision made with both hope and regret, but one that I need to make in order to continue the work I started. Over the past three years on WordPress.com, my ability to write code (PHP and JavaScript in particular) had […]

  • Back on WordPress.org

    So, before I get too far into this post (or perhaps before I even start it), I should point out that there are essentially two recognizable types of WordPress. There’s the main one, WordPress.org, which is blogging software that you install on a hosting provider. You own it and manage it, so there are fewer […]

  • Preview the Upcoming WordPress Dashboard

    MP6, the future of the WordPress Dashboard, has arrived on WordPress.com. If you have a WordPress.com blog, visit Users -> Personal Settings in your blog’s Dashboard and check “Enable experimental admin design (MP6)” now! If you follow WordPress development, you may have heard that this was on the roadmap for WordPress 3.6, but was pushed […]

  • Two Step Authentication on WordPress.com

    If you have a WordPress.com blog, now is the perfect time to make your account more secure with our new two step authentication! Two step authentication (also referred to as two-factor authentication) requires you to enter a one-time secret code from your mobile device whenever you log in, after entering your password of course, which […]

  • Farewell Google Reader

    For better or worse, Google Reader is gone, and no amount of complaining is going to bring it back. Google has made up its mind, probably because they couldn’t make money off of it, which is kind of important for a free service. RSS, and other less-used feed formats, are simply amazing. They make it […]