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Do you like the look of profiles, but already have a blog and don’t want to add yet another third-party service to your internet lifestyle? Well, you’re in luck! Fellow Automattician Nick Momrik has provided a really great tutorial for creating an homepage with nothing more than Coraline and a Custom CSS […]

Premium Themes Live on users have always been able to choose from over a hundred free themes, but our infrastructure has prevented users from uploading custom themes, like several popular premium themes. Well, we’re going to change that (or at least offer a great work-around) with the launch of the premium theme store! Starting today, users will find […]

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Those of you who are kind enough to have subscribed to this humble blog may have noticed a few new posts suddenly appear. That’s because I have officially merged with my very short-lived MacManX on Music blog. After all, there really was no reason to divide my efforts like that. But, the merger wasn’t […]