WordPress 3.7 Released


Photo credit: borkazoid

WordPress 3.7 has been released. I know I’m getting to this a bit late, especially since over half a million of you have downloaded it so far, but I feel a need to point out why WordPress 3.7 is so awesome.

WordPress 3.7 includes a ridiculous amount of under-the-hood things which might go unnoticed, but I really want to highlight the new automatic updates. From 3.7 onwards, WordPress will automatically apply all minor updates (anything that’s 3.7.x), which means that you’ll immediately receive all security and stability updates. That’s a big deal. As long as folks upgrade to 3.7, and the WordPress team continues to be awesome about security fixes, there will never again be an insecure WordPress installation (unless the blogger disables automatic updates, which is just silly and negligent).

All users can now safely update from Dashboard -> Updates or download and update manually, though you should probably backup first just in case, unless you’re already using VaultPress, which you really should be.

If you’re a WordPress.com blogger, you have nothing to worry about, as you’ve technically been running WordPress 3.7 for a while now.