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  • Happiness Engineers in Vienna

    One of the most interesting things about working for Automattic is that we really don’t have a specific home office, so all of my co-workers come from across the globe. Considering that, we like to get together a few times each year to strengthen our bonds and work on projects that just can’t be handled…

  • Clever Dish Soap

    Clever Dish Soap is clever.

  • Austrian Kangaroo

    As promised, here’s the only Kangaroo that I have seen in Austria so far.

  • I Saw a Kangaroo

    Despite all of my joking, I did actually see a kangaroo in Austria. — James Huff (@MacManX) February 22, 2011 Unfortunately, pictures will have to wait until I get back, unless I can find a place nearby that sells SD card readers.

  • Off to Vienna

    I’m off to spend a week with the rest of the Happiness Engineers in Vienna, as we work together to improve your WordPress.com experience. If you’re curious about why we travel to work together, check out this great article about what goes on behind the scenes.