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  • New Theme with Larger Text

    I was previously using Superhero on this blog. I really liked the design, and I had customized it quite a bit. Well, call me crazy, but I’m really starting to like large, readable text. I wear glasses, and I can see quite well, but I really enjoy reading when I can comfortably lean back in […]

  • New Theme: Superhero

    I have been meaning to find a new change of clothes for this blog, which is good, since I instantly fell in love with Superhero by Oscar Winner Theme Wrangler Michael Cain. There are a few things that I don’t like about the stock theme, but I love a theme that encourages me to alter […]

  • New Theme: Timepiece

    I have switched themes yet again here at MacManX.com. This time, I’m using Timepiece, the latest theme from Joen Asmussen. Joen is quite simply one of my favorite theme designers, and I’m also thrilled to call him a co-worker here at Automattic. You may recall that MacManX.com used Fauna, Joen’s first publicly released theme, years […]

  • Still tweaking Timepiece. I forgot how much fun this is. 🙂

  • Messing around with a new theme from Joen Asmussen.