New Theme with Larger Text

I was previously using Superhero on this blog. I really liked the design, and I had customized it quite a bit. Well, call me crazy, but I’m really starting to like large, readable text. I wear glasses, and I can see quite well, but I really enjoy reading when I can comfortably lean back in my chair and read what’s on the screen without squinting or leaning forward. While I loved what I made under Superhero, I was never happy with the text size, and the design itself just looked odd with the text boosted to comfortable levels.

Ryu is a gorgeous, minimalistic, and simply huge theme. I really hope that you can lean back and comfortably read this, because I sure can. Besides simply being designed for large text, Ryu is a single-column theme, so you have no distractions off to the side. As a blogger, I love sidebars. As a reader, not so much, so I decided that it was finally time to let go of the sidebar. Instead, you can find my widgets tucked away in Ryu’s super-handy top navigation panel. Plus, Ryu does this rather fascinating trick with the background colors of image posts, which are automatically selected to complement the image. Go ahead, check out my image posts, but please come back.

When I say Ryu, most of you are probably thinking of Ryu from Street Fighter. Well, this theme has nothing to do with that, so to celebrate the new theme, here’s Guile’s theme covered by Smooth McGroove, because Guile’s theme goes with everything.

New Theme: Superhero

I have been meaning to find a new change of clothes for this blog, which is good, since I instantly fell in love with Superhero by Oscar Winner Theme Wrangler Michael Cain.

There are a few things that I don’t like about the stock theme, but I love a theme that encourages me to alter it, which is probably why I didn’t really feel at home with Twenty Twelve. Superhero has a lovely fixed header, one which stays at the top of the browser no matter how far you scroll down, but fixed headers make me claustrophobic, so I fixed (or un-fixed) the header with this bit thanks to the Custom Design upgrade:

#masthead-wrap {
position: absolute;

You might also notice that Superhero has a prominent red and yellow accent color scheme, which really aren’t my favorite colors. Superhero will have support for Custom Colors eventually, but until then, changing colors is just a matter of identifying the colors, finding them in the theme’s CSS, and copying and pasting the sections with new colors into Custom Design’s CSS tab or the shiny new Customizer. That was easy, especially with the Customizer, but finding colors on the opposite end of the spectrum which complemented each other just as well as the default red and yellow was what took the longest.

With the colors set, it was time for some fonts. You may recognize my two best font friends, Orbitron for the title and Ubuntu for the headings. Since Open Sans is not yet available in Custom Design, I went with Proxima Nova for the body text instead.

So, there you have it, a new theme which should stick around for a few months. To celebrate, here’s Superhero from Trocadero.

New Theme: Timepiece

I have switched themes yet again here at This time, I’m using Timepiece, the latest theme from Joen Asmussen.

Joen is quite simply one of my favorite theme designers, and I’m also thrilled to call him a co-worker here at Automattic. You may recall that used Fauna, Joen’s first publicly released theme, years ago for quite some time. I even released Frost, my first and only ever child theme for Fauna, way back in 2007. After a long run with Frost, I had the pleasure of beta testing a fantastic theme from Joen that was unfortunately never released. I’m not sure how much I can say about that theme, but I will say that everything was a widget, literally every single thing was a drag-and-drop widget. The theme was incredibly customizable.

Now, I’m on Timepiece, another great theme from Joen. Timepiece was conceived out of a project from our company’s San Diego Meetup, during which Joen and his team were tasked with creating a theme that emulated a timeline-style flow of events (think Twitter and Facebook), complemented by Infinite Scroll, of course. After a week of hard work, Timepiece tackles that concept in style. So, with a few font, color, and CSS tweaks via Custom Design to make this at least a bit unique, Timepiece is now live on

Currently, Timepiece is only available for blogs, but bloggers should be able to find it in the Theme Directory soon.

I have really been looking forward to switching to a more timeline-style theme, especially now that I’m molding my blog into my main social media hub for a variety of reasons, and I feel that Timepiece fills that need quite nicely. As a bonus, if you’re looking to transform your blog into your social media hub too, you’ll be happy to know that Publicize now sends a post excerpt for any untitled post to Twitter and other connections along with the link to your post, so you can practically Tweet from your blog now!

I may still be poking around with a few things, but I’m pretty much settled on the overall look as it is now. As always, if you see anything out-of-place here, please let me know!