J. J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars 7

In case there was any doubt after the onslaught of rumors, J. J. Abrams has been officially announced as the director of Star Wars 7. This is rather intriguing news for me, as I grew up in a time where obsession over Star Wars vs. Star Trek was pretty much a blood feud. You could not […]

Yoda Remixed (Feel the Force)

From the creator of the Symphony of Science comes this rather entertaining Yoda remix. Who would have know that Yoda was so musical?

New Death Star Attack Sequence

The new Death Star attack sequence from Star Wars: A New Hope has been revealed at last! No, of course that wasn’t from the upcoming Blu-Ray release, but can you blame me? As I mentioned before, if George Lucas keeps tweaking things every few years, I’d rather see Malcolm Sutherland re-imagine the entire series.