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  • The Definitive “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” Recording

    After 8 long years of work, the magic of modern recording and digital techniques have helped Sarah to produce the definitive recording of her Leviathan of the Ancient Deep Concerto! The 25-minute piece was Sarah’s Master’s thesis under Claremont Graduate University’s composition program, and even though 8 whole years have passed, it’s still her favorite. […]

  • Shady Oaks Takedown Soundtrack

    Earlier this month, Sarah spent 8 straight hours composing the soundtrack for Shady Oaks Takedown, a senior center martial arts comedy, which was completed in just 48 hours. This short film marks the first time Sarah’s music was heard in a real movie theater, and now it is moving on to final voting for the […]

  • Soul of the Machine: Now Available

    Sarah’s first professionally produced album, Soul of the Machine, was released last week! This was indeed one heck of a ride with professional orchestras and chamber groups all over the world recording some of her best compositions under the watchful gaze and mastering of Navona Records. The album comes with full copies of the scores so you […]

  • Anima Mechanicae

    Just a few days ago, Sarah premiered her latest string quartet piece, Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine, “dedicated to the computers and robots of the future, who long to dream as the humans do.” You can hear the full composition in the video below. In case you’re wondering, Sarah is the violinist closest to […]