Wake up in New York

Craig Armstrong has an incredible gift for harmonic structure, and Wake up in New York (featuring vocalist Evan Dando) from his 2002 album As if to Nothing is no exception.

As a whole, the piece is rather simple, but that’s where the beauty simply shines through.

As if to Nothing is available from record stores, iTunes, and Amazon.

Shadow of the Unicorn

Those of you who followed this blog before I cleared out the three-year-old cobwebs may remember that it was called Shadow of the Unicorn. Well, that name was no random creation. It refers to one of my favorite songs from my father’s band, Polyhedra.

So, what better way to re-boot the blog formerly known as Shadow of the Unicorn than with a post featuring the original Shadow of the Unicorn from Polyhedra’s 1987 Iridescense album?

Yes, those are whale sounds on the guitar, and my father on saxophones.

Polyhedra albums are primarily sold in person at various gigs, but you can track down some copies of Technicolour (their second album) and even an original Iridescence LP at Amazon. Of course, considering my connection, I may be able to facilitate a sale if you so desire.

Update: Polyhedra’s albums are now available at your favorite online music venue!


Well, it’s a new year, and as part of my own personal “Eat Your Own Dog Food” initiative and our Daily Post initiative, I’ll be making regular posts about the music that keeps me focused when I’m on duty here as a Happiness Engineer.

Of course, I’m cheating just a little bit by joining the “Post a Week 2011” crew, but it’s better than the cobwebs that this blog has been growing over the past three years.

Stay tuned for the first “official” post later this week (or tomorrow if I can get my act together), and don’t forget to tune in to MacManX.com for other blog postings.