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  • Your Blogging App is There for You

    With the recent news about Twitter strictly enforcing token (user) limits against third-party clients, it’s important to remember that your blog still loves you. When you post to your blog, the content is still your property, and you can use any blogging app without fear of artificial user limits or high prices due to limiting…

  • WordPress Mobile Apps Rock

    As the title says, WordPress mobile apps rock! How do I know? Because I’m using one right now! There are mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Nokia, so try one today!

  • WordPress for iOS and Android Updated

    WordPress for Android 1.3.9 was released recently with some nice bug fixes, a new sharing feature, and a volunteer-submitted QuickPress shortcut. WordPress for iOS 2.6.5 was released a few days ago with another large helping of bug fixes. Over 30 issues were correct, “including correct image scaling for Original Size images and a number of…