Another Epic DCU Online Cinematic Trailer

The latest cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online is just as epic as its predecessor. It basically fills the gap in the middle of the previous trailer and shows a much different turn of events than we were initially led to believe.

I just have to say that it’s such a pity the game itself doesn’t even look remotely this good, but I hope they make a movie out of this some day.

Free Pangea Arcade

Just in time for Sunday, Pangea Arcade is free on the Mac App Store for a very limited time. If you’re a fan of Centipede, Missile Command, and/or Asteroids, you owe it to yourself to get this game.


Mortal Kombat Miniseries Green-lit

The Mortal Kombat franchise is getting a boost of realism with a new miniseries that has just been green-lit.

The miniseries was originally pitched with the short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, which brings a rather refreshing change to the franchise.