Why I Chose The Conservation Fund

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the environment and nature, so every year I like to split up the bulk of my charitable donations between two conservation charities; The Conservation Fund and The Nature Conservancy. This year, however, I am dumping all of that into The Conservation Fund and bypassing The Nature Conservancy. The answer to why is one simple question. How is your charity spending your money?

Last year, I made an honest mistake and forgot to donate to both charities. Since then, I have received one mailer, gift, and/or magazine each week from The Nature Conservancy asking me to donate again. By my calculations, the costs of printing, labor, and mailing this year have far exceeded what I donated in the past. In short, everything that I have donated to The Nature Conservancy has been spend trying to get me to donate again. Why should I donate to an organization that spends so much on something other than its core purpose?

To put it plainly, The Conservation Fund does not do that. All I have ever received from them has been a donation receipt at the end of the tax year with a nice little letter about the fund’s progress, and a biannual brochure about some of the fund’s ongoing projects. When I forgot to donate last year, I simply received nothing. In fact, The Conservation Fund only devotes 1% of their budget to fundraising and 2% to administration and other costs. That leaves 97% of their budget to the core purpose that you really care about. This is no doubt why Charity Navigator has awarded The Conservation Fund its top rating for the past 6 years, a rating held by only 4% of the charities they track.

From now on, I’ll make sure that my money only goes to charities that will ensure the majority of my donation is used towards the programs that I intended to fund in the first place.

Provide Clean Water for Free

Three years ago, I published Save The Environment for Free, a post detailing some of the novel ways that you can help save our environment without having to spend a dime. Today, I’d like to talk about water.

Many of us are used to simply going to the kitchen for a cool and refreshing drink of fresh clean water, but over 800 million people worldwide lack access to clean water, and over 3 million people die from water-related disease each year.

Various charities are collecting donations to provide wells and water filtration to communities in need, but Children’s Safe Drinking Water is taking a new approach by providing two ways for you to provide clean water for free.

If you’re on Facebook, visit PUR’s Daily Drop to donate 10 liters of clean water for the cost of nothing more than a few clicks. If you aren’t already on Facebook, this may be the perfect reason to join.

If you have an iPhone or Android-powered phone, get the CauseWorld app. You’ll gain an average 5 karmas for every store you log visiting. Once you’ve gained 100 karmas, you can cash them in to provide 50 days worth of clean water for a child. 50 days worth of clean water for every 20 stores that you visit is not a bad deal at all, and you aren’t obligated to spend anything more than the effort (and perhaps gas) that it takes to visit the stores.

Want to provide more than just a few liters of clean water per day? Please consider making donations to Children’s Safe Drinking Water, Water.org, and Charity: Water.

Save the Environment for Free

You’ve probably heard it all before, “For just pennies a day . . . For a one-time donation of . . . With your annual membership . . .” Well, I’m going to say something a little bit different today.

For just minutes a day, you can improve the quality of the environment for yourself and everyone around you who is, or whoever will be, living on our green Earth. That’s right, I said “For just minutes a day . . .” In fact, I sponsor the protection of 82.8 square feet of rain forest and wilderness land, and the removal of 5 pounds of CO2 from our atmosphere, every day for only two minutes of my time. Would you like to know how?

Every night, I visit EcologyFund.com and click every red button to save a total 64 square feet of rain forest and wilderness land and remove 4 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere. I then visit The Rainforest Site and click the large green button to save 11.4 square feet of rain forest land. Following that, I visit Race for the Rainforest to save 7.4 square feet of either rainforest land, marine wetland, or American prairie, and Race to Stop Global Warming to remove 1 more pound of CO2 from the atmosphere.

That’s right, by following this routine, you too can sponsor the protection of 82.8 square feet of rain forest and wilderness land, and the removal of 5 pounds of CO2 from our atmosphere, every day for only two minutes of your time. That’s a total of 30,222 square feet (almost 3/4 of an acre) and 1,825 pounds (almost a ton) every year!

That’s a lot of green, but why not throw some blue in for good measure? For just a few additional seconds, you can also sponsor the protection of the world’s oceans by visiting Race for the Oceans.

Want to do more to save the environment? Then please consider making donations to The Conservation Fund and Oceana.