MacManX on Music

It’s a new year, which means that it’s time for new things!

As part of my own “Eat Your Own Dog Food” initiative and’s Daily Post initiative, I have dusted the 3-year-old cobwebs off of my own blog to launch MacManX on Music, where I will be blogging at least once a week on the music that keeps me focused whenever I’m on duty as a Happiness Engineer.

Stay tuned to MacManX on Music for the first “official” post, which could appear as early as tomorrow!

The Blog has Moved Again

After five years, I have finally given in and decided to move both this blog and Sarah’s to the root directory.  That’s right, no more /blog/ and no more basic redirect in the root.  Five years ago, we planned on having some well-developed sites that included the blog along the side, so we placed the blogs in the /blog/ directory and a simple redirect in the root there for the time being.  What actually happened is that over those five years we wound up developing our blogs into the sites that we wanted in the first place, so I felt that it was time to give them the placement that they deserved.

Fortunately, modern redirects have evolved in such a way that you don’t need to do anything, unless you really want to change your bookmarks or resubscribe to the feed.  Everything should be redirecting to the proper place.  Unfortunately, not all subscription services will be able to redirect to the new feed, but I’m hoping that they will at least make some sort of notice regarding the problem so that you can re-subscribe to the new feed URL.

I’ll be posting a writeup of the whole move process in a few days, so If you notice anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For your convenience, please feel free to use the large buttons below to re-subscribe to the feed and/or re-bookmark the blog.

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Open Share Add to Any Buttons

About eight months ago, Alex King released the first version of the Share This plugin, featuring his now famous Share Icon inspired by the now standard Feed Icon.  Unfortunately, Alex sold both the plugin and icon a few months ago to the entity which now owns and operates ShareThis.  While ShareThis claims that the icon is still free for all to use, the ShareThis has slowly been taking on a more commercial feel and the usage of the icon has begun to show some restrictions.  The icon, which was previously conceived as a standard for all sharing services, is now offered with the strong recommendation that you use it with the services provided by ShareThis, and some organizations which have sought to adapt it to use with their services have received take-down requests from ShareThis.

Fortunately, The Open Share Icon was created to provide a freely usable and distributable icon for the rest of us, and to challenge the Share Icon as a potential standard for all sharing services.  Due to ShareThis’ increasing commercial feel, I have decided to leave it behind for Add to Any, which provides buttons to easily share URLs or subscribe to feeds, and nothing more.  The Open Share Icon has not been widely adopted yet, so I have modified two of Add to Any’s popular buttons (a practice strongly encouraged by Add to Any’s creator) by adding the Open Share Icon.  Feel free to use them on your sites.

As a possible note of interest, these are the first buttons that I have created with Pixelmator. At first, I was hesitant to replace Photoshop with Pixelmator, but I can now say with confidence that Pixelmator does exactly what I need it to do for $590 and 1.9GB less than Photoshop.

Update: Pat has added the Open Share Icon to most of the Add to Any buttons.

Tom Joins RedMonk

After months of painful job searching, Tom has achieved what most people would consider to be a pipe dream.  The job of his dreams practically walked up and asked him to take it.  As far as I can tell, there was no searching involved with this one, just what appears to have been a kind-hearted request and probably an emphatic “Yes!”  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be “chosen” by our dream jobs like that?

Commentary aside, Tom has joined RedMonk where he will be “an industry analyst covering Greentech, cleantech, Energy Demand Management and sustainability,” and it looks like he’ll be playing a big part in the future of GreenMonk.

When I first read this, I thought, “Wow, that’s the perfect job for anyone trying to live the difficult ‘popular Irish blogger and family man moving to Spain’ lifestyle!”  I’m sure that he’s thinking the same thing.  Congratulations, Tom!

Tom Launches Lower (Carbon) Footprint

Tom announced the launch of Lower (Carbon) Footprint earlier today.  Lower (Carbon) Footprint is Tom’s new blog dedicated to “Green issues”.  Tom has often used his main blog, Tom Raftery’s Social Media, to express his views on environmental issues, energy efficiency and carbon offset, so this veteran blogger’s decision to launch a separate blog should come as no surprise.  If you want to learn more about lowering your carbon footprint, subscribe to Lower (Carbon) Footprint today!

Joen Launches Deskvu

Joen announced the launch of Deskvu earlier this morning.  Deskvu is Joen’s new free wallpaper website.  It’s already packed with several astounding wallpapers from Mr. Asmussen himself, and it looks like he will be accepting high-caliber wallpapers from other artists some time in the near future.

The New Batman Trailer

The new trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight is now online, featuring plenty of footage and dialogue from the upcoming film.  I would give a brief review of the trailer, but it would just be a repeat of what Joen has already said, so I’ll repeat it with emphasis instead.  “Great take on the Joker, but [very] annoying that Batman’s love interest was re-cast instead of re-placed.”

Phantom Scream’s First Album

Bryan’s band, Phantom Scream, has released its first album for download under the “pay what you think it’s worth” model.  That’s right, you get to set your own price.  Who could ask for a more reasonable holiday gift?

Upcoming Holiday Concerts in So Cal

Sarah has posted a list of her upcoming holiday performances this month.  If you’re in the vicinity Tustin, California on December 22nd at 5pm, stop by the Four Crows Center for some great music!