Where are the Wedding Photos?

I’m sorry that it’s taking so long to put the wedding photos online. ¬†We’re having a difficult time selecting a few hundred favorites from the 3,850 that we have received. ¬†Rest assured, we will have the photos online eventually, hopefully some time this month.

No Makeup While Driving

The state of California has finally banned the usage of handheld cell phones while driving, which brings me to this important question: When will the state ban people from applying makeup while driving? ¬†Seriously, how can a person applying mascara while driving possibly be considered safer than a person talking on a cell phone while […]

Yasu 2.5.5 Public Beta

Jim is getting ready to release Yasu 2.5.5, but he’s looking for some quality feedback on the public beta first. ¬†If you’re a fan of Yasu and you enjoy testing betas, download the public beta of Yasu 2.5.5 now and start sending your feedback to Jim.

Tom is Selling his Share of CIX

Tom is selling¬†his share¬†of¬†CIX, “Ireland‚Äôs newest and Greenest data center.” ¬†Tom’s upcoming move to Spain¬†will greatly interfere with his ability to significantly contribute to the development of CIX, so he is currently looking to sell his share to someone who can “commit serious time to further growing CIX’s business (and therefore their investment).” ¬†If there’s […]

Tom Launches Lower (Carbon) Footprint

Tom announced¬†the launch of¬†Lower (Carbon) Footprint¬†earlier today. ¬†Lower (Carbon) Footprint is Tom’s new blog dedicated to “Green issues”. ¬†Tom has often used his main blog,¬†Tom Raftery’s Social Media, to express his views on environmental issues, energy efficiency and¬†carbon offset,¬†so this veteran blogger’s decision to launch a separate blog should come as no surprise. ¬†If you […]

Joen Launches Deskvu

Joen¬†announced¬†the launch of¬†Deskvu¬†earlier this morning. ¬†Deskvu is Joen’s new free¬†wallpaper¬†website. ¬†It’s already packed with several astounding wallpapers from Mr. Asmussen himself, and it looks like he will be accepting high-caliber¬†wallpapers from other artists some time in the near future.