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  • Hanging the Signed Comic Book Art

    The last time we moved, we took the opportunity to frame and hang some great artwork from colleague Joen Asmussen. After our second move, we felt it was time to further decorate the office by framing our very small collection of signed comic book art. First up is a promotional poster for The Transformers: Windblade,…

  • Lady of the Found Objects

    Lady of the Found Objects, by Christine Wiseman at the Sam Maloof House in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

  • Home Decor by Joen

    A very long time ago, prior to us both working at Automattic, Joen Asmussen sent me a gorgeous print of one of his works as a “thank you” for help on an amazing project which unfortunately never saw public release. A few years later, he graciously requested to I add a nostalgic touch to my…