Does Support Macs?

Believe it or not, I get asked this question quite a lot. Does support Macs? Well, I submit for your consideration this photo from fellow Automattician Joey Kudish and his scavenger hunt.

Yes, that’s almost every employee at Automattic (the company behind holding up their computer, a Mac. What about those of us not holding up our Macs? We left them back in our hotel rooms.

So, does support Macs? You bet we do! In fact, we pretty much support Macs first, since that’s what we use to make everything.

Anyway, this is a rather moot point these days, as most modern browsers (with the notable exception of Internet Explorer) offer very consistent rendering across all platforms, making the Mac vs. PC distinction practically unnecessary when it comes to the web.

So, what does support? We support any browser listed here, regardless of which platform you’re using. We also support any standards-compliant browser not listed there, including a variety of mobile browsers, and you might want to try one of the WordPress mobile apps if you’re a mobile user.

RIP, Steve Jobs

As you can imagine from the domain name, I have been a fan of Apple products all my life. As it is, I’m writing this post on my iMac, while running updates on my MacBook Air, watching the latest episode of Terra Nova on my iPad, and receiving a text message on my iPhone. Without a doubt, I have been surrounded by the influence of Steve Jobs all my life. Not just in the technology that I use, but in the influence that his technology has had on my work and the work of others.

I was sad to learn of his passing yesterday, but his legacy is so monumental that it may never fade. In fact, most of the world learned of his passing either on a device that he invented or a device that he inspired. That’s not a bad way to go.

New Magic Mouse

Continuing the trend of new gadgets, is Apple’s Magic Mouse, my first mouse in I don’t know how long.

I had been a fan of trackballs since pretty much the day I started using a computer, because I thought they were more ergonomic than mice. In short-term usage, that’s actually still correct, but it turns out that your wrist shouldn’t be locked in the same position for an 8-hour work day, which is exactly what a trackball does. On the suggestion of fellow Happiness Engineer, Michael Koenig, I dug out the mouse that was included with my iMac. Within a day, my wrist pain disappeared, and now I’m a happy mouse user.

So, I figured, why not get the best mouse to celebrate my new found fondness of mice? I quickly picked up a Magic Mouse, and it’s great! The laser-tracking is super-accurate, the bluetooth connectivity is definitely a plus, and the multi-touch surface is amazing!

If you’re in need of a new mouse, get this one, or at least ask to try it at your local Apple Store.

New MacBook Air

Have I mentioned yet that I work for an amazing company? Today, I was lucky enough to receive a shiny new 13″ MacBook Air to serve as a trusty secondary computer.

Now, my iMac won’t have to bear all of the day’s work, and my work will no longer be tied to my desk (or even the house for that matter). Plus, I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to lug the iMac around to all of the company functions.

It’s amazing how far laptops have come. The first laptop I ever held was a PowerBook 150, which was about the size and weight of an average college text-book. Now, the MacBook Air that I’m typing this very post on is thinner and weighs less than most magazines.